Saturday, March 13, 2010

I'm Fairy Inspired

is just days away!
I love the summer and any day
that is leading to that weather
and away from the cold I am all about!
We are celebrating at
Moon Dancer/ Simply Everything Boutique
by hosting a
Magical Fairy Tea
Sandra McCone
March 20th, Sat. 1-3pm
at CIC
just 2 doors up from our store
at Grand Prairie Mall.

This canvas is 16 x 20.
I love the glitter on the wings
and the speckles around the sun.
Spring inspired me to get
new shoes too!
Yes, again!!!!
But, here is a surprise....
I went to hand Famous Footwear
a fairy flier
and walked out with 3 new pairs
of shoes,
all on sale!
Since it was their first day open
I bought 3 pairs of shoes for about $30!
This pair was only $5 because I
got 1/2 off the SALE price!

Muse Shoes!
Aren't they inspiring?All this spring happiness made
me want to paint flowers!!

Amy Flowers
are 3-D with
hand cut wooden elements.

Oh- here is a sneak peek at
an order I created
to match the clients
towels and bathroom tiles.

What do you think?

Are you inspired now?
Let me hear from you if you are!!!
You can leave a comment
under anonymous if you'd like!
That way you don't need to have an account
with Google or anyone.

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