Saturday, March 6, 2010

First Impressions

Well today, March 6th was the first official Saturday
Moon Dancer
and what a day it was!!!!

From the minute Julie opened the doors we had customers streaming in!

Not only has Julie and her wonderful staff
been changing over
all the paper work and business details
to blend Simply Everything Boutique
and Moon Dancer together,
but they have also rearranged
EVERYTHING in the store
about 20 times
in the last 4 days!

Why you ask?
OCD you guess?
Okay, yeah, there is that but
really it's because things are just flying
out the doors!!!
I wish I could insert a picture here of my
Reach for the Stars Mirror.
But the good/bad news is
(yes, again)
it sold today
without getting a good picture of it.
Yes, Sarah darling.
Yes, I hear you.... I know. I know.
Okay- use your imaginations
this time and I promise to do better
(than nothing)
in the future.
Luckily, I did get a
quick pic of
some of the hottest items
we have going right now.
The Buddah Bag is awesome!

Oh!! Isn't that such a cute purple hat!?
Sorry, sold.
And that Love Peace purse there in the middle I wanted, is...
oh, wait...Sorry. Sold too.

Gesh you guys!
Come ON!
Many of these are one of a kind works of art.
Look what you are missing!!
Okay now- here are these cool new
macrame bottles
Julie Wiese
just brought in today.
Better hurry in if you want to see them
in person!

Yea, we have awesome stuff in the store
but what really makes Moon Dancer
special is the people!
Not only do we have the coolest grooviest
staff in the world but
we have amazing customers as well.
Here you see Debbie and Diana were
nice enough to call ahead of time
to see what our staff was wearing
ask how our store was decorated
so they could come in all
color coordinated.
(You might want to click on the picture
to enlarge so you can see I'm not exaggerating).
If you do, you will also notice that these girls
were smart enough to swoop in
to get first dibs on the new jewelry
that our local artists brought in.
Some incredible pieces didn't even
get a chance to hit the sales floor before they
were adopted into loving homes.
Speaking of that~
Matthew and Lelie
were thrilled about
adopting this fun
Princess Dresser
I make the crowns easy to
take off for easy transport.
The kids were so excited about their
new furniture they didn't mind
running along side the car all the way
home so their furniture could
ride in comfort.
(Hope you guys got home safely!)

We are hoping to see them both at our
first Magical Fairy Tea
March 20th!

Now this sounds like a pretty full afternoon right?
Well, it's just the tip of the iceberg.
We had family in from out of state and psychics
dropping by and artists showing off
their new treasures and 50% off sales and whew!
You'll just have to come by to see it all for yourself !!

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Jenn said...

We absolutely love the dresser- it fits perfectly in her room! It suits Lorelei so fabulously - pretty in pink- we are so happy with it! We think the store is adorable and might be in trouble when we come back :) Beautifully unique- Thanks again for all your help- we had a wonderful time shopping and can't wait to come back! Look forward to tea time as well!