Monday, March 1, 2010


This is a farewell post for Jennifer Slater,
owner of Simply Everything Boutique.

Due to severe health issues with her son
she is having to move suddenly all the way to Florida.
Add to that she has double pneumonia
(yes, really)
and her grandmother is gravely ill.
On top of packing her entire life in a mini van today
and closing out the store's books
she had time to give me this wonderful present of a
digital camera since she read on line that mine
had crapped out on me.
This is a typical week in the life of Jennifer Slater.
I can honestly say -
I have NEVER met anyone like her!
Thanks to Jennifer over 50 artists
have been able to sell their wares for the last year.
She instantly agreed
to change her entire business plan
and life from home based business
to retail one afternoon when we met last June.
Feel free to send Jennifer you well wishes on facebook or her email

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