Sunday, March 21, 2010

Magical Fairy Tea

Moon Dancer and CICreative
worked together to create a magical Fairy Tea
We more than SOLD OUT!
Music, Tea, Fairy Cakes, Stories, Book Signings
Wonderful arts and crafts
lots and lots of beautiful fairy princesses!!!

Thanks to Luthy Botanical Garden
for the Lilies and other plants!
(Go check out their Lily Show going on right now)

Now, I would just love to show you all the
pictures I took but unfortunately...
those darn fairies must have played
jokes with my camera!
35 pictures of the
cutest little fairies,
for some reason,
won't download off my camera!
Here are a few pictures
of us bigger fairies that I salvaged.
This was the crew who helped make
our first fairy tea a success!
(Left to right)
Me, Sandra, Sherri, Rebecca and Ashley!
Below is
Author Sandra McCone
artist and interior designer Sherri Swanson.

Luckily Photog Brain Woelfe
will have professional pictures
available soon
for me to show off to you.
For now, here are just a couple
of the fairy art we had for sale.
Pam Miller had hand sculpted fairies
Michelle had beautiful
rhinestone T's for children
and adults!
Luckily you can still find those
Moon Dancer
even if you didn't go to the tea.

We had all sorts of cool treasures to buy!
Rebecca had hand made fairy huts and gnome homes
as well as beautiful fairy flower crowns
and sooooo much more!
In the corner of the picture below you'll
see the fairy dresses with
matching wings
Ashley Gifford made!

Here is Author Sandra McCone
Ashely Gifford.
There is so much more to show you but
you'll have to wait for
Brian Woelfe's pictures!

If you came to the fairy tea
I would love to hear your comments!


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